“Let No One Be a Stranger Here.”

                                                                                                                                                                          – William Dills McKee, Sr.

The Resort

After nearly a century of faithful service to the High Hampton community, the Historic Resort is being updated. We are partnering with the North Carolina Historical Society and will re-open to serve guests for the next century in 2020. 

Rest assured that when work is complete, the traditions most treasured will remain unchanged. Members and guests will still eat together in the dining room, where patrons wear proper dress for supper. It’s where screen doors will be more commonplace than wooden ones and red rockers line wide porches. Afternoon tea will be taken fireside, even in summer. It’s where life still slows and families come to connect. 

A new completely re-imagined guest experience, with modern comforts, plush towels, crisp sheets and luxury toiletries. The rooms and surrounding porches will be cozy, quiet and serene. The lobby will still be the heart of the Inn, with a fresh and airy atmosphere and the tavern bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail. We are also planning on adding some new amenities to round out the High Hampton experience.

Field House 

  • Housing a new dining option serving lunch and dinner
  • Golf pro shop, support for driving range, croquet lawn and other outdoor pursuits
  • Grab and go dining window

Boat House

  • Center of lake front activity with expanded beach and new pool


  • Tennis courts,  a half-court basketball area and a pickleball court

Fitness Center

  • Weight room and cardio areas
  • Planned outdoor exercise areas

Experience High Hampton

The best way to experience High Hampton is to visit, just as generations of families have. Although the Inn is closed for renovations, we are available to work with you to build a one-of-a-kind mountain experience in 2019 through our home rental program.