The Club at High Hampton

High Hampton relies on its rich history and traditions while elevating service, comfort and amenities. Relying on the foundations of building lasting friendships and comradery, the new Club provides access to all amenities, a robust social and athletic calendar and our distinct, personal level of service. 

Experience our traditions and make new ones of your own.

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History of the Original Colony Club

One day many decades ago, two friends, Bill Conley and Jack Patton, got to talking about what a fine idea it would be for the 40 or so High Hampton homeowners to form an organized group that could provide a way for everyone to get to know each other and come together in activities provided through the Inn. Because most of the activities involved sports — namely golf, tennis, horseback riding and horseshoes – they dubbed the group “The High Hampton Athletic Association.

William McKee assumed the presidency in 1980, and members adopted formal by-laws, a golf committee started a weekly 9-hole scramble, a tennis committee initiated weekly round-robins and a backgammon committee organized games in the Inn lobby. Expanded social activities included picnics and cocktail gatherings. As validation of the fact that party-goers were now equal in status to athletes, in 1981 the membership approved President Cott Tally’s proposal to change the association’s name to The High Hampton Colony Club. 

Much has changed since a couple of golf buddies came up with the idea to start “some kind of organized group for homeowners” – there are now more than 200 houses at High Hampton and 250 members. Every summer, the Club’s calendar lists over 100 events for its members, but the purposes for which The Colony Club was established have not:

To provide a way for everybody to join together in activities and get to know each other better.

Colony Club Membership

Focusing on providing an exceptional experience, the private Club offers memberships to High Hampton property owners.

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